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  • Mediator, Arbitrator, Judicial Referee, Dispute Resolution Neutral
  • Mediation Teacher/Trainer 
  • Retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
  • Adjunct Professor, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law 
  • McKibben Award for outstanding teaching by an Adjunct Professor
  • "Peacemaker of the Year" award from SCMA


Welcome to my website.  Thanks for visiting!

This site provides information about my practice as a Mediator and as a teacher and speaker on the subject of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Here you can find my c.v., my areas of speciality, an update on my teaching and training activities, two articles by me, and my Los Angeles Daily Journal ADR Profile.

I have been a courtroom lawyer since 1969.  I served as a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court for 24 years - from 1984 to 2008.  I have tried hundreds of jury trials and hundreds of court trials.  For my final three years on the Court, I was a full-time Settlement Judge, guiding counsel and their clients to the resolution of hundreds of cases.

Since retiring from the Court in 2008, I have been in private practice as Mediator, Arbitrator and Judicial Referee in Los Angeles.  During that time, I have assisted counsel and parties in resolving hundreds of cases.  I have also continued to teach and speak on dispute resolution topics.  I am no longer accepting new arbitrations or references; I am focusing exclusively on mediations.

I offer dispute resolution services exclusively through ADR Services, Inc. in Los Angeles.  Cases may be scheduled with my ADR Services Case Manager, Ms. Nancy Camacho.

As an alternative dispute resolution neutral, I do not practice law or give legal advice.  I am a neutral intermediary.  I may not and do not act as an advocate for any party to a dispute.  Nothing on this site is intended as legal advice.  Legal questions should be presented to a qualified attorney.

Thank you again for your visit! 

Alexander H. Williams III
Judge of the Superior Court (Retired)

Updated 11/2018 

To inquire about scheduling and fees for Mediation, please contact: Ms. Nancy Camacho, Case Manager, ADR Services, Inc, (310) 201-0010,

To contact Judge Williams directly, email

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